*Lisa is simply the best there is - no ifs, buts, or ands about it! I was just shy of 54 going on 74 and was 50 lbs overweight, when Lisa entered my life. I was ready
to become the fat, happy, cookie baking, Grandma who piles the grand kids onto her cushy bellied lap and reads bedtime stories (did I paint a good picture?).
Now, I'm a thriving, robust, hell on wheels, go-getter ready to tackle whatever life throws at me; I even share clothes with my HOT daughter (age 29) who also
trains with Lisa! I have more confidence that I know what to do with and again, I owe it all to Lisa. People ask me all the time, how did you lose all that weight and
get sooooo toned? They also ask, "how old are you again cuz you look 40!" Lisa teaches you how to get toned and lose the weight and on a personal level, she
has become a close friend and confident. She has been there for me on a lot of issues with family and friends and really helped me work through them. I
appreciate, admire, and trust her so very much!!

Peggy T.
Poway, CA

*I have trained with Lisa from Optimal Fitness for several years. As a personal fitness trainer, she is extremely knowledgeable and professional. Her knowledge of
psychology, anatomy, physiology, biology, nutrition, and training techniques extends far beyond that of a normal trainer. She is up on the latest advances and
theories in fitness, training and nutrition and communicates these to her clients on a regular basis. Whatever your age or your level of fitness, Lisa can help you
achieve your goals. Oh, and by the way, she is really fun and you will have a great time working with her! :-)

Ann B.
Rancho Santa Fe, CA

*A few years ago I contacted Lisa to help my Mother who lives in Escondido. My Mom was 83, in good general health, but she was not getting exercise and it was
affecting her lifestyle. She couldn't walk very far and had no stamina. I knew that she would never go to a gym or motivate herself. Well Lisa solved all that! Lisa
comes to the house twice a week and in less than a month we saw results! Lisa got Mom eating better and lifting weights and working on her core. We definitely
believe that Lisa has added good, fun years to Moms life. She can get down and up off the floor by herself with out using anything, at almost 87! Lisa is eager to
help Mom and the whole family with any health questions.

Debbie V.
Bailey, CO - Mom lives in Escondido, CA

*I met Lisa four years ago, she is very professional upbeat and ready to train. She taught my husband and I to train at home or at the gym. She made sure we did
the workouts properly and safely. I lost over 45Lbs and have kept the weight off. My body transformation went from chubby to champion. That's how I feel like a
champion,because through the ruff times in my life, I have managed to stay in shape and keep up with my work out routines. I have learned a lot from Lisa, she is
my inspiration and motivation. She keeps in touch through e-mails and sends you wonderful information that is always useful. Lisa you are wonderful! and
because of you I'm a better healthier person. Thank You!

Christina M.
Vista, CA

*Lisa is an excellent trainer. Thorough from the first interview and throughout the training process. She was very mindful of my workout needs and careful to train
smart and avoid any potential for injuries based on my medical history, age, etc. She was energetic and upbeat, and her passion (not to mention her own health
and impressive fitness level!) helped me see that changing my eating habits would help me reach my goals faster and become healthier in every aspect. I never
felt so good as when I was training with her, and I am sorry I had to move away! She's competent, knowledgeable, generous, and a great gal!

Any A.
Brooklyn, NY

*It is a pleasure to recommend Lisa to you as a personal trainer. There are three of us at home now -- a mom, dad, and teenage daughter -- and Lisa has been
able to work with all three of us! We interviewed several trainers and Lisa was the only one that we all could agree on and, I'm glad to say after about nine months
of involvement with her, our judgment was right on. We have found Lisa's attitude refreshingly down-to-earth and practical. We have incorporated her well-
informed back-to-basics approach into our lives with significant and satisfying results. She absolutely does not peddle either faddish diets or exercises. She is
neither a sadist nor a masochist. She is positive and enthusiastic but is not eternally and annoyingly perky. While Lisa stresses the basics, workouts with her a not
just a series of grim, groaning sweat sessions. She offers creativity and variety in the exercises she teaches so it's harder to get stuck in a rut. Lisa also practices
what she teaches and works hard not to let her own impressive strength and physique be intimidating but rather inspiring. She is easy to talk to and doesn't make
you feel like a dolt for asking even very basic questions. We have been continually impressed by her knowledge, skill, and how up-to-date she is with health
research (as opposed to health marketing and urban myths). She offers an individually tailor-made program of exercise and healthy eating with the goal of making
you not only healthier in the short run but enabling you to be self- sustaining for the long run. We feel privileged to have her involved in our lives and all three of
us give her a whole-hearted "thumbs up!"

Michael, Mari, and Kelsey
Tiera Santa, CA.

*I had been unable to get any traction with my own weight loss/fitness efforts. Feeling intelligent and capable, I always thought that losing weight and getting fit was
something that I should just be able to do, on my own. At 100 pounds overweight and my fiftieth birthday approaching this year, it was finally time to put my pride
aside and ask for help. I first met with Lisa eight weeks ago. Today, my weight is down 30 pounds, I have more energy, I'm sleeping better, and at a recent doctor
visit my blood pressure tested lower than it ever has - even as a fit 25-year-old. I'm enjoying this process much more than I expected to and I'm thrilled with the

Leslie D.
La Mesa

*With no cartilage left in my knee and after unsuccessful arthroscopy, my orthopedic surgeon basically said I'd just have to live with the pain and immobility. At the
point I was dragging and lifting my leg around I decided to try Optimal Fitness's suggestion of physical rehabilitation. The results have been absolutely amazing.
Even after a few weeks of sessions, I had less pain, more mobility and a light at the end of the tunnel. I continued the sessions and am very grateful for the skill,
knowledge, and support from this trainer. I now walk without pain or a limp and am playing tennis.

Cardiff, CA.

*Lisa offers the best kind of training in my opinion. She combines her extensive knowledge of the human physique and physical fitness with an upbeat,
encouraging personality. I never feel pressured during our workouts but at the same time I am energized to keep going and push myself to do more. I always look
forward to our sessions and feel great afterwards. I've finally been given direction in getting fit!

Jessica S.
Oceanside, CA.

*This past December I decided it was time to take control of my weight and I must say it was one of the greatest decisions of my life. Another great decision was
that I contacted Lisa Hardeman-Dunn to help me with my personal training needs. Not only did Lisa develop a personal workout routine for me, she educated me
on the importance of healthy eating habits. Lisa introduced me to a well-known diet and in two short months of training 3 times a week I lost nearly 20 lbs. and went
from size 12-14 down to a size 8! In addition, I was recovering from two cervical spine surgeries and was very stiff and “shrinking”. Lisa’s phenomenal knowledge of
the human body was exceptional! She knew exactly what I needed in the beginning when I was the weakest, and when to increase the workout intensity without
injuring me. Not only is Lisa knowledgeable, she is professional, punctual, reliable, and very pleasant. I would recommend Lisa Hardeman-Dunn to anyone
seriously wanting to change their personal appearance and eating habits, which will in turn improve your quality of life! Thank you Lisa, you renewed my outlook
on life and for that I am eternally grateful!

J. Jackson
El Cajon, CA

*I've worked with two other personal trainers in the past, but didn't stay with them for more than a couple of months because I didn't feel like I was getting any
results and it made it very difficult for me to stay motivated. It also didn't help that I had to go to them to train, and it's very easy to find an excuse not to go when
there's a little bit of traffic or it's early in the morning or it's late in the day or on & on.... Having Lisa come to our house made it so much more convenient, and I
was finally able to convince my husband to work out with me. From the very beginning, Lisa taught us about more than just lifting weights - we discussed our
eating habits, our lifestyle choices, our motivations and our goals. I didn't realize that part of the reason I wasn't seeing results is because I wasn't eating the right
types of food. Now, I actually eat more than I did before, but I'm trimmer because of the muscle I've gained. It's been great to work out with my husband, also,
because we can help motivate each other when Lisa's not here. At first, I think Martin was a little worried that he'd be doing "girlie" exercises, but man was he
wrong! Since we're at different levels, Lisa has us doing different exercises or working with different weights or resistance bands. That way we're not slowed down
by working out together, or pushed beyond what we're capable of.

Ultimately, the proof is in the results and we have never felt better.

Escondido, CA.

*I found Lisa online, I was looking for a trainer to get me in shape for my upcoming wedding. I had about a month and a half before the big day. I was apprehensive
about having someone come to my house, and when she got there, she immediately put me at ease. She is very professional and informative. She even went out
of her way to lend me books and give me recipes to use as well. She is very motivating, and I followed her plan for me and was pleased with the fast results! I had
never looked better for my wedding!! That was three and a half years ago, and I still have her come to train me twice a week. I have so much more energy and feel
great about myself. What I love about Lisa is, she changes up my routine all the time so you don't get bored with it. She is always coming over with some new tool
and or exercises. Lisa is a lot of fun!

42 years old
Vista, CA.

*results may vary
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