Optimal Fitness  
In-Home Personal Training and Nutrition

We all want the best quality of life possible, and seniors are no exception. I have always maintained, that once the kids are grown, it's time to go out and experience
and enjoy your own interests. Unfortunately, some people are run down from the riggers of life and begin to neglect themselves. The results are weight gain, loss of
strength and balance, and loss of mobility. Joints become achy and energy declines. The good news is, that all of these maladies are reversible. Even the top five
diseases in America are reversible.

This is possible, beginning with a sound balance of nutrient dense foods, and a safe and effective exercise program tailored to your capabilities. There are
programs for high risk clients with physician approval and handicapped individuals as well. Each program is as individual as you are.

The best results are accomplished through gradual change, one step at a time. results may vary
My friend Dorothy that you see on the left is a good example. She is in her 70's, and she does walking
marathons and works out even with a heart condition. Not every one has to be on the same level as her, but
eating well and staying fit keep her active and happy. All you have to do is take the first step.

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