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Optimal Fitness  
In-Home Personal Training and Nutrition

Pregnancy creates a special need for exercise. Physical preparation is important, and even more important is the need for restoration
after pregnancy. An expectant mother's muscles, joints and tissues undergo changes and are subject to stress. To be at your best during
pregnancy, you need to improve your physical condition to meet these burdens. This applies whether your having your first or your fifth

Birth is a natural physiological event, but this creative process may be accompanied with risks. When muscles and ligaments stretch and
soften and joints loosen to accommodate your baby, your balance may be compromised. Training the voluntary muscles will not only
provide benefits throughout pregnancy, but will also be important for the rest of your life.

Optimal Fitness will design a safe and effective program for you that is physician and ACOG approved.

Some of the benefits of our pre and post natal programs are:

  • Improving your aerobic capacity, muscle tone and endurance.

  • Controlling excessive weight gain.

  • Reducing tension, anxiety, discomfort and much more.

  • Preparation for labor and delivery

Let me help you get ready for the most physically demanding event of your life!!

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